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Amanda Lies

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Amanda Lies

Love Your Life

I invite you to explore the mystery, beauty, and love of who you are beyond the pain, fear, and feeling stuck. The bumps in life are going to come. Well-being builds resiliency to roll with the bumps that life brings. Core beliefs of self-love, worthiness, self-acceptance, curiosity, and kind regard grow our power to become creators of a full life. This enables us to grow the lives, opportunities, and relationships so that our deepest desires can come true.

It's my intention that you feel safe, respected, seen, listened to, accepted, empowered, nurtured, resourced, supported, and loved. I want you to feel hopeful and joyful about life again more of the time. I am deeply passionate about the work of psychotherapy and the journey to mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Every day, I feel jazzed to come to work! I am so lucky to be where I am. It is my deepest honor and privilege to sit with you in this way.

Psychotherapy & Holistic Psychiatry

My private practice is focused on psychotherapy alone or in combination with holistic psychiatry.

I schedule my time with my patients in a way that allows us to help you develop into your ideal self, and that takes more than prescription treatment. We'll meet every week, approaching your problems from many different angles. We'll address your mind, body, heart, and relationships. We'll talk about how you sleep, eat, move and breathe.

Ask the Big Questions

  • What qualities in a therapist do you want and need to feel secure and supported?
  • If we spent 1 month working together what changes would you need to feel in your life so that your time and energy was worth spending it in therapy?
  • How can you use the pain and the loss you’ve been through to help benefit your future?
  • What limiting beliefs are holding you back? How do you imagine moving beyond that?
  • What do you value? What is meaningful for you?
  • What is the life that you would be creating if you weren’t feeling stuck?
  • How would you show up for life if you felt deeply connected to a sense of goodness, well-being, resilience, creativity, and flexibility as your emotional baseline?
  • What are your dreams? What lights you up?
  • If all your needs were met, how would you be enjoying life and having fun?

About Amanda


Amanda is a Nationally Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who specializes in caring for adults and adolescents with mental health needs. Amanda practices with a holistic, person-centered, nursing based approach to provide psychotherapy and holistic psychiatry in her private practice located in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

At the end of each year, a portion of the profits from Amanda's practice are divided and donated to charities including Charity: Water, V-Day, and the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program.